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Remanufactured Office Systems By - Roberts Office Furniture Concepts, Inc.

Roberts Office Furniture Concepts (ROFC) is an environmentally responsible office furniture and office systems manufacturer providing the quality, style and value in workspace solutions that today¡¯s office environment consumers demand. Also, Roberts Office Furniture Concepts is one of only two certified remanufacturers throughout the U.S. specializing in office furniture products and materials to deliver warrantied options that are indistinguishable from brand new. Without compromising our natural resources, we provide eco-friendly workspace options that meet and often exceed expectations.

Distinguishing Roberts from the competition is a passion for service that begins with the first two-way conversation with our in-house office design specialists¡ªone directed by your needs, preferences and requirements. We work to answer all of your questions so you can make informed and effective decisions about the options that best meet your needs.

Roberts Office Furniture Concepts offers an array of office furniture products and brands¡ªfrom Herman Miller to Steelcase¡ªto fulfill your needs for fit and function, as well as aesthetics, ergonomics, eco-friendliness and cost. By reviving the tradition of American workmanship and local production, Roberts takes an old-school approach to the office furniture remanufacturing process, yet uses only state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious methods to return quality products and materials to their original and often higher standards. We also fabricate custom-milled furniture systems to your individual specifications, as well as manufacture all of our own work surfaces, conference tables and a comprehensive line of healthcare systems.

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